A mail blacklist filtering option added to the Email Manager

You can rest assured that all of your mailboxes will be protected from hackers and spam. We have recently employed the latest proven blacklist filtering technology, so that none of your emails will be prone to unwanted spam.

Just go to the Web Hosting Control Panel where both you and your clients can enable the blacklist filtering with a click.

How does mail blacklist filtering work?

A DNSBL (DNS Blacklist) or a blacklist for short is a real-time anti-spam database. All of the IP addresses which belong to mail servers reported for their spam will be efficiently blocked.

A top level of protection is guaranteed, as all of the spam e-mails will be blocked before they could reach your mailbox. We use a vast and reputable database with multiple trusted DNS-based blacklists in order to make sure if a given e-mail is safeor if it comes from a blacklisted IP address.

Every time an incoming mail is received by our mail server, we match its sender’sIP in real time against all of the blacklisted IPs from the database. You will not receive an e-mail message in case the sender’s IP is listed on some of the blacklists.

In addition, the initial network connection from the blacklisted IP will also be blocked. Thus you will be fully protected from any kind of spam and/or malicious e-mail messages.

How to enable/disable the mail blacklist filtering option?

The improved blacklist filtering function can be activated or deactivated with a single click in your Web Hosting Control Panel.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Blacklists column which is located in the Email Manager and choose the mailbox for which you would like to enable or disable blacklist filtering.
  2. The blacklist filtering is pre-activated for all of your e-mails. It takes just a click on the green Blacklist button to disable it for any e-mail address.
  3. In order to re-enable the blacklist filtering, press the red Blacklist button.

You and your customers can enjoy safe and spam-free email communication every time you use our website hosting platform thanks to the state-of-the-art mail blacklist filtering system.

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