Inbox quotas enabled for all mailboxes in the Lonex Control Panel

To help prevent unsolicited messages from clogging your inbox, we have enabled the option to set an inbox quota for all email accounts in your website hosting account.

Starting today, you’ll be able to set a particular storage quota for each email account in your account.

In the Email Manager of the Lonex Control Panel, you will see a new column named Size Limit:

Mail quota column in the Lonex Email Manager

By default, the storage quota for an email account is set to 10 GB, which is the average max size of a regular mailbox.

To set a specific size limit for a mailbox, click on the Size Limit icon and select the desired value.

You can choose from 100 MB to 40 GB, where 40 GB is the max allowed email storage quota for an account:

Mail quota values in the Lonex Email Manager

Also, you may choose not to set an email quota for your mailboxes by selecting ‘No quota’ from the drop-down list of options.

However, this may increase the chances of your email storage space being used ineffectively.

Also, if you do not manage to control the storage space of your mailboxes, your overall email usage may easily exceed the limits defined in our Terms of Service.

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