Love them? Protect them! Wildlife free Joomla templates on Lonex

This week’s new set of free Joomla templates is giving you an easy option to voice your wild nature preservation ideas and causes to the world.

The Tropical Forest template presents the vulnerable beauty of tropical wildlife with a focus on colorful birds.

Tropical Forest Joomla template

Download Tropical Forest

Parrot Life offers another snaphot of the colorfulness and uniqueness of tropic birds.

Parrot Life Joomla template

Download Parrot Life

The Chameleon template takes a glimpse of the mystic charm of amphibians.

Chameleon Joomla template

Download Chameleon

Red Panda puts an accent on limited habitat animals like this mammal species native to the eastern Himalayas and China.

Red Panda Joomla template

Download Red Panda

With Ocean Life you can dive into the extraordinary world of the ocean’s flora & fauna, just as vulnerable to human behaviour as land’s wildlife.

Ocean Life Joomla template

Download Ocean Life

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