A Free Trial Mode option enabled for all web hosting packages

The order procedure is now far more secure and customer friendly – all thanks to the change we made to the signup process.

Lonex’s customers can now pay for their packages by simply logging into their Control Panel, which means they’re no longer required to to submit the payment information on the resellers’ stores.

In order to try out our web hosting services, all potential clients can now take advantage of our 1-month free trial period. As a result, you won’t have to rush into a payment contract from the very beginning.

What are the new signup changes about?

It’s simple – you as a customer will no longer have to go through the painstaking process of submitting tons of information at signup.

The only thing you’ll have to input on the order form is your account details.

All payment-related info should now be entered in the payment area of the Control Panel.

Simply submit your account information and you’ll be able to set the password for the Control Panel:

Free trial with Lonex - thank you page

After setting the password, you’ll be logged into the Control Panel where you’ll be presented with a popup window, which will display the account usage options you have at hand:

Free trial with Lonex - available options

Option 1: You’ll be able to take advantage of our 30-day free trial period, and thus decide whether to complete your purchase.

We decided to impose the following restrictions on the web hosting accounts in trial mode, with the sole purpose to keep our platform abuse-free:
• We’ve limited the outgoing emails to 100 per day
• To prevent spam we’ve disabled PHP’s mail() function
• In order to reduce the possibility for storage abuse we’ve set a file upload limit
• CPU usage limit of 5%
• Disabled access to our global VPN server locations
• Disabled hosting service upgrades

Option 2: Provided you’d like to have all the restricted features unlocked immediately – simply proceed to the payment page and complete the signup process.

Provided you choose Option 1 (the free trial option), you’ll still be able to enjoy a decent amount of resources and features:
• 30-day full access to the Control Panel
• Send and receive emails
• FTP access to the server
• Full domain and database management control
• Daily backups of your data which you’ll be able to browse through
• Tech support which is available 24/7/365

Every time you log into the Control Panel, you’ll see a reminder of the remaining days of the trial period.

At any given time you’ll be able to continue to the payment page and complete the signup process:

Furthermore, you’ll be able to see info about the specificities of the trial period in the header area of the Control Panel:

Provided you pick Option 2 (the signup procedure), you’ll be redirected to the order page where you’ll be able to select your desired payment method:

In case the free trial period expires, you’ll still have access to the Control Panel – but the info you have stored will be locked. You’ll be able to unlock it by completing your order.

Advantages of the new signup changes

A more customer-friendly process – you won’t have to spend such a great deal of time signing up for a service – all thanks to the fact that we’ve moved the service payment step to the Control Panel.

Sense of Security – due to the simple fact that you won’t be required to pay for the chosen service immediately, you’ll be far more secure and confident when making your decision.

Peace of mind – you’ll have more than sufficient time to evaluate the services before deciding to commit – thanks to the new free web hosting account trial option.

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