The PHP Settings section sensibly improved

We would like to introduce to you some major updates to one of the most used sections of our web hosting Control Panel – PHP Settings.

In addition to the possibility of changing the current PHP version (PHP4, PHP5, PHP6), now you can directly customize the common settings in the php.ini file such as register_globals, short_open_tag or zend_optimizer with a single click.

For your convenience each variable is followed by a detailed description of its functionality, its influence and the consequences of changing its value. The change of the value itself could be done by choosing one of the checkboxes (On/Off) corresponding to each variable. See an example below.

Preview of the New PHP Settings Section
Preview of the New PHP Settings Section

Thus, you no longer need to browse through our web-based File Manager to locate the /sys folder, to access the needed /php folder and even to open the whole php.ini file.

Within the new menu you also have the chance to choose the mode for editing the php.ini file

Basic – will allow you to work in the abovementioned way
Advanced – for those of you who prefer to handle the php.ini file in the standard manner

We remind you how the Advanced mode looks like with the picture below:

This is How the Advanced Mode Looks Like
This is How the Advanced Mode Looks Like

The new version of our PHP Settings section has been applied to all our servers and now you can take advantage of it.
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