Virtual Private Servers (VPS) coming soon

We are happy to announce that in the upcoming month Lonex will start offering a VPS service.
All our customers will be able to pay for this new hosting solution on a monthly basis.
During the order procedure you will have the possibility to choose the Operation System that will best suit your needs. Also, in case you need a Control Panel, there will be two options available: cPanel and Direct Admin.

A VPS is actually a small dedicated server operating on a single physical machine along with other small dedicated servers. Each server works in an independent environment and offers its owner the possibility to install additional softwares.  With the help of the Virtuozzo Power Console you will have the ability to reboot your server independently of the other VPS customers.

More info, such as the number of the offered plans and their features (Disk Space, Traffic, Guaranteed RAM, Burstable RAM), will be provided once we release the new service online.

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