The latest update of the Web Apps Installer enables users to incorporate additional themes into their app installation

Recently, a brand-new collection of trendy and refreshing WordPress themes was introduced to the Web Hosting Control Panel a few weeks back.

There are now more than 130 different themes you can choose from for your new site.

These themes showcase the most up-to-date appearance and experience in content management systems, offering a wide range of layout possibilities.

To assist users in maximizing the benefits of the expanded theme library, we have implemented a feature that allows the addition of multiple themes to a WordPress installation.

What does the recent upgrade to the Web Apps Installer entail?

Previously, users could only add one theme per installation through the Control Panel’s integrated, free one-click Web Apps Installer.

However, starting today, users will have the ability to incorporate multiple themes into an existing app installation and conveniently switch between them.

This enhancement enables users to make better-informed decisions regarding the most suitable theme design for their website.

Include additional themes from the Installed Applications section

Within the Web Apps Installer’s Applications section, a recent addition includes a column called ‘Set template’.

By clicking on it, users will be shown the available themes for their current WordPress installation in the newly added column named ‘Set template’ within the Installed Applications section.

Simply choose your preferred theme and click the ‘Set template’ button:

installed applications – set multiple themes

This action will immediately incorporate the selected theme into your existing WordPress installation.

Include a theme from the available selection in the Free Themes section

Within the Free Themes section of the Web Apps Installer, users will notice the addition of a ‘Set template’ link placed alongside the existing ‘Install’ link for each theme.

Upon clicking the ‘Set template’ link, users will be presented with a pop-up window displaying a list of the current WordPress installations, if any are available.

This functionality enables users to effortlessly incorporate multiple themes into their WordPress setup(s) while exploring the collection of free themes.

Once added, these themes can be conveniently managed within the corresponding WordPress Admin section.

Users have the freedom to select a preferred default theme, switch between the themes they have chosen, and remove any themes they do not prefer.

The Web Apps Installer now includes a feature that allows users to easily reset the default password

Within the Installed Applications section of the Web Apps Installer, users will notice the presence of an additional column adjacent to the ‘Set template’ column.

With this new feature, users can reset the default admin password for popular applications like WordPress, Joomla and others offered in the Web Apps Installer.

We are committed to enhancing the Web Apps Installer tool by introducing additional functionalities and improving its existing features, ensuring a faster and more user-friendly experience for our customers.


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