Our servers now have Git support enabled

Every hosting company must offer a web hosting service that is convenient for developers in order to remain competitive in the constantly changing market.

As application development advances, it has become essential to create online development environments on a web host.

Our web hosting platform now supports Git, a widely used development tool that 4 out of 5 developers will anticipate you to have.

What does Git entail?

Git is a distributed version control system utilized for software development purposes, developed by Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel. The name “Git” was humorously chosen by Torvalds, based on the British slang term for an unpleasant person.

Git effectively manages and archives revisions of various projects, such as code files, text files, and image files, by taking “snapshots” of every change in the project’s history to prevent loss or overwriting of data.

Unlike its predecessors, such as CVS and SVN, where all modifications are saved to a central repository, Git enables developers to duplicate the whole repository to their own system.

Consequently, whenever a change is made to the local copy, it can be easily pushed to the central server without the developer having to make a new server connection for each individual change.

What is the primary purpose of Git?

Developers primarily use Git to create preview versions of websites or applications they are developing to evaluate them on the production server or a separate test/staging server.

To use Git for testing purposes on a web server, developers must first create a Git repository on their local machine and then establish a cloned Git repository on the server. With the aid of Git repository hosting platforms such as GitHub, developers can test their projects in a web-based graphical interface.

By enabling Git on our web hosting platform, developers can easily push, pull, or clone their projects from GitHub or any other platform hosting their repository to one or multiple web hosting accounts on our servers.

It is recommended to perform these actions over SSH, which establishes a secure connection and executes Git operations on the server as needed. The use of SSH eliminates the need for deploying a daemon service on the server to handle requests, which is a major security concern for web hosts.

Utilizing Git to deploy a simple script or an entire app on a web hosting server is a rapid and straightforward approach to distribute version-controlled content across multiple web hosting accounts simultaneously. This eliminates the hassle of having to sequentially upload the content to each account using FTP.

The same applies to updates, as instead of using FTP to upload script or app updates to each web hosting account separately, developers can push updates from the Git repository with a simple Git+SSH command.


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