.CO.ZA domains now 30% cheaper!

You can now get your .CO.ZA domain name at $16.00 instead of $26.00, as it has been until now.


Here are a few reasons why you should register a .CO.ZA domain for your site

  • Target South African audiences – If South Africa is your or your target market, then you’d rather go with a .CO.ZA domain name. Doing business using a .CO.ZA domain will show that you are serious about your South African audience. If you already have an attractive .COM/.NET/.ORG site for your business, then you can just redirect the traffic from your new .CO.ZA-based website to your existing site.
  • Get a high rank in local search results – On the South African versions of search engines like Google and MSN, you will have better ranking opportunities with a .CO.ZA domain name – especially when searchers restrict their search to South African websites only. Apart from that, some local South African search engines index sites with .ZA domains only.
  • Help develop South Africa’s ICT infrastructure – If you are from South Africa, by using a .CO.ZA domain, you will participate in the sponsoring of the expansion of South Africa’s ICT infrastructure.

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