PHP 5.6.0 now installed on all our hosting servers

The new official PHP version – 5.6.0, has been installed on all our website hosting servers.

This new release is jampacked with new features, some backward-incompatible changes and many improvements over the previous stable versions, including:

  • Constant scalar expressions – numeric and string literals and/or constants are now allowed in static-value contexts, such as constant and property declarations or default function arguments;
  • Variadic functions and argument unpacking using the ‘…’ operator instead of the func_get_args() function;
  • Exponentiation using the ** operator;
  • Function and constant importing supported by the use keyword;
  • A phpdbg debugger is implemented as a SAPI module
  • php://input is now reusable and allows for reading raw data from the request body;
  • $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA is deprecated;
  • GMP objects now support operator overloading;
  • Large file uploads – the file size limit has been increased to 2 GB;

full list of new features in 5.6.0 is published on the official PHP site.

If you use PHP 5.5 or any older version of PHP and want to upgrade to v.5.6.0, you can do so with just a click from the PHP configuration section of the Lonex Control Panel.


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