You can now grab your .CO & .PRO TLD!

Two new TLDs – .CO and .PRO, have just joined Lonex’s extensive list of domain names!

The .CO TLD, which is the country code TLD for Columbia, was made available for public registration just a couple of days ago. It is being proclaimed as “the new .COM”, which means that you shouldn’t hesitate for a second and grab your .CO TLD of choice immediately!

The registration of a .CO TLD involves no special prerequisites. A .CO domain can be registered for a 1- 5 year period. However, WHOIS protection is not available for this particular TLD.

The price for the .CO TLD is 33.00 USD/year.

The .PRO TLD is suitable for use by various professional and business entities. Before you can register a .PRO domain name, you have to produce proof that you provide licensed services in your capacity as a professional business entity.

You can register a .PRO TLD for a 1-10 year period, but cannot transfer it over to another registrar. You will have to fill in a special form and send it to the official .PRO registry within 44 days. If you fail to do so, the registration will be turned down.

The .PRO domain costs 28.00 USD/year and is ID protection eligible.

You can now get your new attractive .CO or .PRO site name with any of the web hosting packages, semi-dedicated servers, virtual private servers and dedicated servers offered by Lonex

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