Host your sites in Australia with just a click. Check out how!

Host your sites in Australia with just a click. Check out how!
Lonex is happy to
The option to choose where to host your site gives you the freedom to ensure the best hosting conditions for your sites. It also gives you a competitive edge over your competition.
Choosing a data center nearby the physical location of your business will help you reach faster performance speeds for your sites and make a good name in the eyes of your local audiences.
Here is why, Lonex keeps adding new data center options to all web hosting packages, so that you too could make the right location choice for your sites.
Global Switch, Australia
Starting from today, you will be able to choose your sites data and applications to be housed in the Australian branch of Global Switch, a global leader in the provision of data center facilities.
To do that, you need to make a single click, choosing Global Switch, Sydney, Australia from the ‘Data Center Location’ drop-down menu on the order form. That’s it!  Just fill out the other necessary sign-up information and leave the rest to us.
Choosing to host your sites in Australia will not cause any delay in the activation of your account, neither will it affect the original pricing of the selected hosting service.
As of now, the Australian Data Center option goes with all shared web hosting packages. The option will be soon added to our virtual private server solutions too. Stay tuned!

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