Magento added to the 1-click Web Apps Installer

The time-tested Magento platform is now part of the 1-click Web Applications Installer in the  Lonex Control Panel. Magento will allow you to create unique web stores.

It is the preferred open-source e-commerce platform for more than 200 000 merchants around the world and their count is growing on a daily basis.

Magento – some history facts

It was first developed by the Varien Inc. (currently Magento) – a California-based company which had six years of open source e-commerce experience as of 2007.

Magento e-commerce application

Just a few years later in 2010, 49% of Magento’s shares were acquired by eBay and the remaining 51% were also acquired by them in June 2011.
As of October 2014, Magento had as much as 30% market share among the 30 most popular e-commerce platforms.

Why choose Magento for your e-store?

There are at least several reasons to choose Magento. You will have easy access to all of the features and specs needed for a fully functional web store.

In case you need any extra features and/or enhancements – Magento is the right choice. It is a scalable and easy-to-navigate e-commerce platform.
Due to its top-class caching methods and DB optimization techniques, various alternative solutions such as OpenCart and PrestaShop are outrun by Magento. Especially when it comes to page speed.

The Magento Forum is available twenty-four-seven for all of your questions and/or technical issues.

Magento – technical specs

One of the reasons Magento is so efficient is that it uses the MySQL relational database management system (RDBMS) along with elements of Zend Framework and PHP. The entity-attribute-value model is employed for reliable storage of your data.

A basic e-commerce theme comes standard with Magento. It can be easily personalized, since its CSS, HTML and CSS are editable. Different themes can be installed via SSH and FTP and none of your content or the pages’ layout will be lost.

Multiple plugins have been developed by the Magento community are now freely available for extending its default functionalities.

You can also install a variety of database apps, third-party payment gateways, shipment tracking applications and many more.
Where can I find Magento?

You can download Magento for free from the 1-click Web Apps Installer section of your Control Panel.

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