Now, all brand-new hosts have Jail Host enabled by default

We are excited to announce that we have enabled Jail Host by default for all new hosts on our web hosting platform.

Jail Host is a security feature that allows you to isolate your hosting environment, giving you complete control over your host’s system resources.

With Jail Host enabled, your host will have its own dedicated operating system, file system and network stack. This means that any malicious activity on your host will be contained within the “jail” and will not be able to affect the rest of the platform or other hosts.

Jail Host also provides other benefits, such as improved performance and better resource utilization.

Because each host has its own dedicated resources, your applications will have access to all of the system resources they need, without being affected by the activity on other hosts. This can lead to faster and more stable performance for your applications.

Enabling Jail Host by default for all new hosts is just one way we are working to improve the security and performance of our web hosting platform.

We believe that this will provide our users with a better hosting experience, and we encourage all users to take advantage of this feature.

How exactly does the Jail Host option operate?

The main purpose of Jail Host is to prevent hackers from spreading their malicious activity to other hosts if they manage to break into a website. Even with advanced security measures, hackers often find ways to bypass them, but Jail Host can provide an extra layer of protection.

When enabled, it will restrict hackers to the initial host they have breached, preventing them from moving to other hosts. This is how the Jail Host feature operates.

The Jail Host option isolates the domain it is enabled on from other hosts in the /www directory within the same hosting account, which prevents intruders from using the host as a way to access the rest of the system if they succeed in breaking into it.

This isolation occurs at the Operating System level, which ensures its effectiveness against all types of hack attacks.

By providing segmental protection, the Jail Host feature offers a unique way to keep a hosting environment free from intruders, even if one of the hosts is attacked.

This means that if an attack occurs, the rest of your content will be safe.

What will happen to the existing hosts?

If you already manage domains with the service that offers the Jail Host option, you can enable it for those domains from the Hosted Domains section of the Web Hosting Control Panel.

To do this, look for the Edit Domain option in the Actions column of the table of hosted domains.

Jail Host Edit Option

When you open the Edit Domain form, you will find the Jail host option at the bottom of the form. Simply tick the box and click on the Edit Host button to apply the Jail host protection to the selected domain.

Jail Host Edit Host

If you have any questions about Jail Host or how it can benefit your hosting environment, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help.

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