.SE Added to the TLD List

Another domain extension has been made available for registration to all customers of ours. If your business is based in Sweden, now you can promote your website with the right domain extension and get higher search engine rankings in that region. Let us remind you that we offer a Swedish Datacenter as an option fro the location of your web hosting plan

What should you know about this new TLD?
.SE domains can be registered for a one year period. 60 days after the expiration date the domains will be deleted and made once again available for registration. This means that there isn’t a redemption period. Also, because there are no special WHOIS information requirements or limitations, anyone in the world can take advantage of the .SE TLD.

You can purchase right now your .SE domain via the signup page on our website or through the Domain Manger section of your hosting Control Panel.

Lonex will keep adding new alternatives for your online presence.

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