Thunderbird plugin installed on RoundCube webmail client

Those of you who use RoundCube – the webmail client in the Web Hosting Control Panel, will now have an easier way to organize your inbox messages.

Through the Thunderbird Labels plugin that we recently activated,  you can mark your email notifications with various color labels so as to easily sort them by topic or priority:

Roundcube Tthunderbird plugin

Here are the main benefits of the Thunderbird plugin:

  • the message rows are using the same color markers as Mozilla Thunderbird;
  • the label of a message can be modified just like in Mozilla Thunderbird;
  • the keyboard shortcuts on keys 0-5 work just like in Mozilla Thunderbird;
  • the plugin is available in various languages, including English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Czech, Bulgarian, Catalan, Spanish, Latvian and Ukrainian;

Roundcube can be accessed from the Webmail section of the website hosting Control Panel or directly from the URL.

We are planning to add more user-friendly RoundCube plugins on our servers so stay tuned.

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