The Control Panel now includes an additional 135 WordPress themes

A set of contemporary and adaptable WordPress themes has been incorporated into the Free Themes category of the Web Hosting Control Panel.

This means that both you and your customers can opt for a fresh theme for your WordPress website, be it a blog, news website, photo gallery and so on.

These new themes are free and can be installed with a single click via the Control Panel.

What do the new WordPress themes entail?

The latest range of WordPress themes exemplifies the most recent web design fashions and presents a novel outlook on the notion of a contemporary online existence.

These themes include grid-based layouts that arrange content in a neat and comprehensible format. These kinds of themes are ideal for food-related blogs, news websites, picture galleries, portfolios and even online stores.

Additionally, you’ll come across conventional site-wide banner-based WordPress themes that include a convenient built-in slider feature. These themes would serve as an excellent front-end choice for your blog, non-profit organization or business website.

The new background image-based layouts that occupy the entire screen are also noteworthy. These themes would be an excellent front-end option for creative firms, photographers, architecture and interior design studios and so on.

What is the process of utilizing the new WordPress themes?

The new WordPress themes have been incorporated into the current collection of free themes in the Web Hosting Control Panel. To access them, simply navigate to the Installer and select the Free Themes category, where you will find the complete list of themes available for download.

After selecting the desired theme, click on the Install button, and you’ll be directed to the 1-click WordPress site setup wizard.

Given that WordPress is widely recognized as a cost-effective, reliable and user-friendly platform for building websites, the integration of new Control Panel themes is likely to attract new potential customers to your web hosting service. Don’t hesitate to promote them across your marketing channels.


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