Email storage quota upgrades in the Lonex Control Panel

We have added an option for customers to upgrade their email storage.

They can now upgrade the current default mailbox storage quota with a click from the ‘Upgrades’ section of the Lonex Control Panel.

Users can select from 20 GB up to 200 GB of extra email storage, which will be added to the current mailbox storage space allocated to their web hosting account.

For instance, if a user wants to add 40 GB to their default mailbox storage quota (40 GB for the Personal, Business and Corporate plans and 60 GB for the Enterprise plan), then their account will receive a total of 80 GB of email storage allocation.

The email storage quota upgrade is calculated on a monthly basis and is valid through the expiration date of a web hosting account.

If you need space for file storage purposes, you should consider the binary storage upgrade service, also available in the Control Panel.

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